What do I get with Athlete Architecture?

A custom training plan designed around your unique physiology with the goal of optimizing performance. Short and long term goals and periodic performance measures are included. We will utilize our 30 years of endurance racing and exercise physiology research to improve your form and fitness.

Who is Athlete Architecture?

We are a performance-based endurance coaching company that originated in Austin, Texas and currently operates from Sydney, Australia. We specialize in custom, athlete oriented training plans for triathlons and endurance events. We will work with the athlete in all aspects of sport: skills, logistics, nutrition and performance testing.

Where are you located?

In Sydney, Australia on the Northern Beaches.

Are you a triathlon group and do you have organized group-training sessions?

We do not consider ourselves a triathlon group. Our athletes have training plans, goals, and racing schedules designed specifically for them. However, occasionally we will have group training sessions with athletes of similar physiology and goals.

How much does Athlete Architecture cost?

Check out our pricing tab. Our custom training plans are $250/month which include the highest level of communication, adaptability and review. Custom plans are also available.

Do I need a heart rate monitor and/or a power meter?

Ideally, yes. Since Athlete Architecture is focused on customized training plans based on the athlete’s current fitness and physiology, heart rate monitors and power meters are encouraged. However, we will design training plans based on other metrics if needed.

Can I get one on one in person coaching?

One on one in person coaching is available. Rates vary. Contact us for more information.

I have never had a coach. What do I need to know about having a coach and do I really need one?

Athlete Architecture will take the guesswork out of training and preparing for your endurance event. Having a coach and a long-term training plan is the most efficient and effective way to accomplish success and performance. Schedule a free initial meet and greet and determine if we are the right fit for each other.

My work/home schedule is erratic; can you work around this?

Yes! We specialize in extracting the most fitness from you with the time available. Our high level training plan is the most adaptable for athletes with erratic weekly schedules. Communication with your coach regarding changing schedules is key to keeping the training plans on track.

I have never done a triathlon/marathon/century ride/etc; can you coach an absolute beginner?

Absolutely. Our plans are designed for each individual athlete regardless of experience or current fitness level. Often the beginning athlete has the most to gain from us.

I want to qualify for Kona. Now what?

Athlete Architecture can evaluate your current fitness level and design a long-term plan with the end goal of qualifying for the Hawaiian Ironman.

What if I decide Athlete Architecture is not for me?

No problem! The fees are collected monthly with no contract and no obligation to continue with us. We also offer a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation where we can interview each other to ensure we are a match for each other.

How do I sign up?

Send us an email and we will set up our initial meeting where we will discuss our training ideas and your goals, experiences and expectations. You will also complete an athlete questionnaire. We can also talk via Skype or phone.

How do I know if Athlete Architecture is right for me?

Our initial consultation and meeting should determine whether we are a good fit. Communication and compliance from both the athlete and coach is paramount to a successful athlete/coach relationship. Rest assured, there are no obligations to continue or contracts to sign.