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Three Mistakes Triathletes Make. Eliminate these and improve your performance.

  • Using a pull buoy. I hear all the time that athletes feel faster when they are using a pull buoy. It's true! The pull buoy lifts the legs and the lower torso to provide an efficient and optimal body position in the water. However, your body position needs to be developed without using a pull buoy. If you perform drills that improve balance and positioning in the water you will not need the aid of a pull buoy. We can show you all the drills you need to know and you can throw that pull buoy away!
  • The long ride on Saturday/long run on Sunday routine for Ironman training. I have written and spoke about this many times. The quality of the Sunday long run will suffer if you have ridden long and hard on Saturday. Opt instead for weekends that incorporate a long ride OR a long run OR a long brick session. Let us help you design a non traditional training "week".
  • Lack of flexibility in training and racing. When you plan your training week (or perform in a race) expect setbacks and difficulties. Your body is not a machine nor is your daily life completely predictable. Be flexible! Do what you can with the ability you have with the time you have. We specialize in providing training plans and coaching for time crunched athletes.

How to dismount during a cyclocross race.

Angie shows excellent form in dismounting as she enters a beast of a sand pit.

How to run through a sand obstacle...FAST

LeighAnn shows off her cross country running skills at the Georgetown Cyclocross Festival.

Luca perfects his balance on his Woom Bike

Skip the training wheels, get kids onto a balance bike!

History of Athlete Architecture

The early years of Athlete Architecture via Flipagram